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On-Demand Video Help
How do I use the service?

Simply choose the programme you wish to watch, press the play button and wait for the show to begin.

Is it possible to download shows?

Below every on demand video is the download button for the most recent episode.

Ok and how long do I have to watch an episode?

At the present time the latest episode is available to watch and download. In the future we hope to offer the last seven days of shows. Sadly we can't remove the commercials as we don't have the manpower.

Streaming Specifications
For users curious about what technologies we use and the bitrates we are using due to ISP caps or other interests, they are as follows:

SD Video
[email protected] CBR H264 AVC
64kbps HE-AAC audio in Stereo
CNBC Exemption
Due to the stock ticker on CNBC the bitrate is higher on that channel and is as follows:
[email protected] VBR H264 AVC

HD Video
[email protected] VBR H264 AVC
160kbps HE-AAC audio in Stereo/DD5.1 where available

On Demand services are recorded from their live streams so their file size generally corosponds to the length * kbps.
An average SD on demand video is 270mb for 1 hour.
An average HD on demand video is 3.5gb for 1 hour.

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